Fire Prevention Week 2023


Fire Prevention Week isn’t just another date on the calendar. For dayhome providers, it’s a vital annual reminder to pause, reflect, and take action. That’s why, every year, ADSN puts together a variety of tools and resources to help you make the ultimate impact during Fire Prevention Week. 

Fire Prevention Week runs from Sunday, October 8, until Saturday, October 13 in Canada. And we love all of the learning experiences and life skills that can be focused on during this important week. 

This year’s theme is:

Cooking safety starts with you

Cooking fires are a leading cause of home fires and injuries. Unattended cooking is the leading cause of cooking fires and deaths. However, most cooking fires and burns can be prevented, and families kept safer, with some simple but effective tips. Learn these tips and practices during this year’s Fire Prevention week – Cooking safety starts with you. Pay attention to fire prevention.

Read on to learn about fun and exciting events happening in your area and online to help you make the most of Fire Prevention Week 2023! 



Edmonton Fire Rescue Services’ Fire Prevention Officers are hosting a series of drop-in interactive displays inviting families with young children to:



The Calgary Fire Department is hosting four open houses in fire stations across the city on October 9.

Calgarians of all ages are invited to drop by to talk to the firefighters and special guests, tour the trucks and learn more about fire prevention.

Join the Fire Department at one of their locations on October 8 between 1-4 PM.



A variety of municipalities across the province have events planned for Fire Prevention Week. We’ve gathered a collection of the bigger events taking place. Feel free to google Fire Prevention Week in your area to see what is available for you to participate in.

The community is welcome to attend AFD’s well-known Fire Safety Day at Chinook Winds Fire Station on Saturday, October 14, from 12 to 3 p.m. Throughout the day, locals are welcome to drop by to explore exhibits, participate in interactive activities, get their picture taken with Sparky the Fire Dog, and enjoy light refreshments. LEARN MORE

Beaumont Fire Services has many fun activities to help Beaumontonians learn about fire prevention in their communities.

Saturday October 14 – 11AM – 1PM – Visit the Fire Hall Open House for a free BBQ, fire safety demonstrations, tours of the trucks, fire-themed photo booth, obstacle course and more. LEARN MORE

The City of Grande Prairie has a variety of events planned for Fire Prevention Week. From pancake breakfasts to barbeques – be sure to check out what they have going on in your area. LEARN MORE

Leduc Fire House 2 is hosting an open house October 14 from 12- 2 PM. LEARN MORE

Fire Prevention Week Open House. Visit the Emergency Services Building on October 11 from 630PM to 8PM. LEARN MORE


There are some incredible resources available for Fire Prevention Week that you can access for free across the world wide web. We’ve listed 2 of the best resources that you can use throughout the week to help create a fun and engaging Fire Prevention Week for your dayhome kids.

The leading information and knowledge resource on fire, electrical and related hazards.


Sparky School House has a variety of age appropriate resources that you can use to create an interactive and super fun Fire Prevention Week for your dayhome children. This website is MASSIVE and you could easily spend a few hours looking through all of the resources they have to offer. There are videos, printables, booklets, and more.  



ADSN has a variety of resources available to help you make the most of Fire Prevention Week


This printable activity set can be laminated for multiple use. The laminated pages make it perfect for use with dry erase pens. Just erase and play again!


Our Fire Fighter Number mats are a great Fire Prevention Week activity. Use these 1-20 number mats to help your pre-k and kinder age kiddos learn counting and number sense. Use with playdoh for a multi-sensory experience!


We’ve created a quick and easy printable memory game for Fire Safety Week. 
You can download this resources for FREE during Fire Prevention Week with a Provider Account.


These discussion cards are great conversation starters to help you talk about Fire Safety with your dayhome group. They can be used in a group or individually and children can talk, draw, act, or write to help work through the questions presented to them.


Our refreshed Fire Station Dramatic Play is full of 82 pages of dramatic play fun. With activities to promote literacy, phonological awareness, motor skills, fire safety and PLAY – your kiddos will hours of endless fun. 

Fire Drill Record

We planned to release our REFRESHED Emergency Preparedness Guide for Fire Prevention Week. However, during our Fire Safety Presentation from Edmonton Fire Rescue we learned a ton of new things that we want to include in our new guide. So we’ll be releasing it NEXT week. In the mean time – we’ve pulled out the Fire Drill Record for you to download for free during Fire Prevention Week.

Emergency Preparedness Workbook

We’re refreshing our Emergency Preparedness Workbook for Fire Prevention Week. In this new update you’ll find everything you need to know to prepare for any emergency. We cover various potential emergency scenarios and provide templates, exercises, and prompts to help you draft a comprehensive Emergency Plan. 


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