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While ADSN got it’s start supporting private unlicensed dayhomes, we have since expanded our services to support all dayhome providers in Alberta. ADSN is a valuable resource and community hub open to all dayhome providers, regardless of their licensing status. Whether you operate a licensed dayhome or an unlicensed private dayhome, ADSN welcomes you. Our goal is to support and empower all dayhome providers in delivering exceptional child care within their communities. Join ADSN to benefit from the resources, support, and networking opportunities available, regardless of your licensing status.

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Unlicensed Private Dayhomes

Unlicensed private dayhomes are not required to follow the Alberta Dayhome Standards, however these standards were developed by industry experts and follow child care best practices. We encourage private dayhome providers in Alberta to follow the Alberta Dayhome Standards to the best of their ability.

Private dayhome providers can care for a maximum of 6 children not including their own.

Unlicensed private dayhome providers are not required to follow any ratio guidelines. However, we encourage private dayhome providers to consider safety when determining the age of children they choose to care for. We recommend caring for a maximum of 2 non-walking infants so that you are able to evacuate safely in an emergency.

Additional Questions

In Alberta, concerns with any type of child care program can be shared with Alberta’s toll free child care support line – Child Care Connect. This includes concerns with both licensed and unlicensed dayhomes. Call Child Care Connect toll free at 1-844-644-5165.

Meal Planner

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Safety Checklist

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Parent Guide

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Child Care Cheat Sheet

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Dayhome Guide

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Parent Handbook Checklist

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Dayhome Guide

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Mental Health Action Plan

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First Aid Checklist

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Burnout Guide

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