8 Gift Ideas Your Dayhome Provider Will Enjoy

We are letting you in on a little secret! When your dayhome provider says they don’t want a gift it’s a lie. They put their heart and soul into making not just the holidays but the whole year special for their dayhomes and would love for it to be recognized. If you are able to let them know they are appreciated through a little something that’s just for them you will make their hearts glow with joy. 

Are you like us and stress about picking a gift someone will actually like? Here are eight ideas to get you started! We asked our providers what their favourite gifts have been over the years and these were the ones mentioned the most. 

 1. Yeti Mug

 2. David’s Tea Sample Set 

 3. Heartfelt Hand Written Card

 4. Gift Cards

 5. Something with a witty saying 

 6. Essential Oils

 7. Handmade Anything: wall hanging, signs, ornaments, baking

 8. Box of Chocolates 

Additional Gift Ideas

Other gift ideas that were mentioned included: plants, fuzzy blankets, spa certificates, wine, date night with their husband

Still not sure? Ask them what is on their holiday wish list!

If you would like to get your provider a bigger gift but cannot afford to, talk to the other parents if you can and see if they would like to do a combined gift from all of you.


*Note this post is not sponsored in any way and no brands have paid to be included here. 


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