June 2024 New Releases

As the summer season approaches and the school year draws to a close, dayhome providers play a vital role in keeping young minds active and engaged. With more time spent at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce new activities that are both educational and fun. 

Check out June’s NEW RELEASES, including our new Safe Sleep Brochure, which is this month’s FEATURED FREEBIE


Flower Shop Dramatic Play

Flower Shop Dramatic Play

Encourage imaginative play with our Flower Shop Dramatic Play set. This resource transforms your dayhome into a bustling flower shop, complete with printable flower types, price tags, and role-play accessories.


Set Up a Flower Shop Corner: Create a designated area in your dayhome where children can engage in dramatic play as florists, customers, and delivery personnel.
Math and Literacy Integration: Use the price tags and order forms to incorporate basic math skills and literacy into the play. Children can practice counting money, writing orders, and reading flower names.
Expand the Learning: Enhance the learning by including activities like planting seeds, learning about different flower types, and creating flower-themed art.

Emotions Play Dough Mats

Emotions Play Dough Mats

Our Emotions Play Dough Mats are a fun and interactive way for children to explore different emotions. Each mat features a face with an emotional expression, and children can use play dough to create facial features that match or alter the expression.


Free Play: Set up a play dough station with the mats available for children to explore independently.
Guided Activity: Lead a session where you discuss different emotions and guide children in creating corresponding facial features on the mats.
Story Time Integration: After reading a story, use the mats to discuss the emotions of the characters and have the children recreate those expressions with play dough.

Social Emotional Discussion Cards

Social Emotional Discussion Cards

Our Social Emotional Discussion Cards are a powerful tool to help children articulate and understand their emotions. These cards feature various scenarios and questions designed to prompt discussions about feelings, empathy, and social interactions.


Engage Through Activities: Use the discussion cards for role-playing, skits, drawing, group discussions, think-pair-share sessions, and writing exercises to help children practice responses and express emotions in various ways.
Incorporate into Playtime: Integrate the cards into playtime or quiet time, using them as conversation starters or prompts for creative activities to encourage spontaneous discussions about emotions and social skills.
Facilitate Discussions: Draw cards during snack time, storytime, or other informal settings, read prompts aloud, and encourage children to share their thoughts and experiences, fostering open dialogue and social emotional development.

Safe Sleep Brochure

Safe Sleep Brochure

This month’s Featured Freebie is a comprehensive Safe Sleep Brochure. Ensuring safe sleep practices is crucial for the well-being of the children in your care, and this brochure provides essential guidelines and tips for creating the safest sleep environment for your infants and toddlers.


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