Program Planning Binder

Days of disorganization and asking yourself “what am I doing today?” are over!

This planning binder (part of our child care binder series) has every form and template you’ll ever need to keep your child care program organized and flowing like a well-oiled machine!

Inside you’ll find dozens of pages that you can print as you like to create your own custom planning binder.

Just hole punch the sheets and place them inside a 3 ring binder of your choice (binder spines, cover and back page included)!

Included in this binder set:

  • attendance forms
  • monthly plans
  • weekly plans
  • daily plans
  • meal planning
  • activity planning
  • drop-in calendar

Meal Planner

Do you currently make meal plans?

Safety Checklist

Do you already have a safety checklist for your dayhome?

Parent Guide

How much do you know about dayhomes in Alberta?

Child Care Cheat Sheet

How confident are you in knowing what to look for in a dayhome?

Dayhome Guide

Where are you at in your dayhome journey?

Parent Handbook Checklist

Do you have a Parent Handbook for your dayhome?

Dayhome Guide

Where are you at in your dayhome journey?

Mental Health Action Plan

Do you have a mental health action plan?

Authorized Pickup

Do you already have an authorized pickup form?

Incident Report

Do you already have an incident report form?

Illness Notice

Do you already have an illness notice form?

Medication Administration

Do you already have a medication administration form?

Attendance Record

Do you keep a daily attendance?

Evacuation Map

Do you already have an evacuation map for your dayhome?

Emergency Records

Do you have emergency records for your dayhome?

Fire Drill Record

Do you have a fire drill record for your dayhome?

First Aid Checklist

Are you creating a first aid kit or refilling an existing one?

Burnout Guide

Are you currently experiencing burnout?