Leduc Safety Workshop

Only 30 Spots Available

It’s been a long time since we’ve hosted an in-person event (like before COVID!), and we are so excited to meet some of our dayhomies in person!

We’ve put together a really fun day where you’ll be sure to leave feeling like you’ve got some new tools and tricks to use in your dayhome, AND you might even make a new friend!

Date: Saturday June 8, 2024

Location: The Light House Cowork | 4810 50th Ave Suite 100 Leduc, AB

Time: 9AM to 4PM

Are children permitted? Sorry, not this time. Due to the content covered during the Prevent It! Workshop children under the age of 18 are not permitted. Babes in arms are welcome. 


9AM – 12PM: Prevent It! Workshop by Little Warriors

12PM – 1PM: Lunch & Networking (Lunch provided by ADSN)

1PM – 4PM: Home Safety Workshop for Childcare Professionals by AHS

Prevent It!

Morning Workshop 9AM - 12PM

Roughly 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men in Canada were sexually abused before the age of 18. As dayhome providers, we spend a lot of time with the children we care for, and over the course of our career, we could have a child disclose abuse or become aware of abuse occurring to the children in our care. 

Prevent It! Child Sexual Abuse Awareness training educates and empowers adults to take action and help prevent and respond to child sexual abuse. 

Learn important skills and strategies that you can use within your dayhome program that are believed to reduce children’s vulnerability to sexual abuse. 

You’ll also learn ways to communicate with your own children in ways that can help prevent childhood sexual abuse as well as spot potential red flags.

Prevent It! Facilitators are trained volunteers who understand the sensitive nature of this workshop and will work with attendees who may be triggered by the workshop content. 

Certificate provided by Little Warriors.

Afternoon Workshop 1PM - 4PM

Did you know that injury is the leading cause of childhood death and disability in Canada? Fortunately, support from a trusted professional can empower families to build safe spaces for their children and reduce the risk of life-altering injury.

Join us for this engaging and informative workshop on home safety for child care professionals facilitated by Alberta Health Services.

Not only will you learn about childhood injury trends and how to reduce the risk of injuries in your dayhome program, but we’ll also cover ways for you to support the families you care for by teaching you how to educate children and families to reduce the risk of life-altering injury in their homes, too.  

This interactive workshop will help professionals:

  • Understand childhood injury trends
  • Identify opportunities to reduce the risk of injuries in the home
  • Use harm reduction to support families living in a variety of situations
  • Educate children and families on safety using simple and engaging strategies


ADSN will be providing lunch for all attendees from 12PM – 1PM. Please let us know about any dietary restrictions after registering. 



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Leduc Safety Workshop
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