Edmonton In Person Workshop Event

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Only 30 Spots Available

It’s been a long time since we’ve hosted an in-person event (like before COVID!), and we are so excited to meet some of our dayhomies in person!

We’ve put together a really fun day where you’ll be sure to leave feeling like you’ve got some new tools and tricks to use in your dayhome, AND you might even make a new friend!

Date: Saturday April 6, 2024

Location: Orange Hub Rm 437 | 10045 – 156 St NW Edmonton, AB T5Y 2P7

Time: 10AM to 3PM

Are children permitted? YES! We want to make this workshop accessible for as many dayhome providers as possible, so we are permitting attendees to bring ONE child with them to this workshop event.

Please ensure that the child attending is able to sit through the teaching portion of these workshops – approximately 45-60 minutes. There will be time for hands-on learning where you can enjoy the activities together with your child. 


10AM – 12 PM: Inspiring Curiosity to Play: Creating Provocations and Invitations to Play with Tina from Inspired Minds 

12PM – 1PM: Lunch & Networking – Lunch provided by ADSN

1PM – 3PM: Bodies in the Know, Minds on the Go: Brain-Body Integration in Early Childhood with Lauren from ADSN.


Morning Workshop 10AM - 12PM

Inspiring Curiosity to Play: Creating Provocations and Invitations to Play

How do we create an environment that extends on children’s natural curiosity and interests in the classroom? How can we introduce new ideas, based on our observations and our understanding of possibilities for children? What activities can we do that promote play? Rooted in the emergent curriculum approach, creating provocations and invitations are a part of how we can build an environment that stimulates curiosity, exploration and encourage independent divergent and critical thinking. Instead of providing activities that focus on specific outcomes or learning skills, we provide provocations to stimulate a wholistic approach to playful learning. In doing so, we need to be responsive to the children’s interests, extend their learning and inspire curiosity to explore. Learn how to showcase these amazing displays and invite deep thinking and deep play to stimulate and build upon your children’s interests and sense of wonder.

  • Defining Invitations and Provocations to Play
  • Foundations to Invitations and Provocations
  • Inspirations for Play Experiences Based on Children’s Interests

Afternoon Workshop 1PM - 3PM

Bodies in the Know, Minds on the Go: Brain-Body Integration in Early Childhood”

Children naturally love to move and groove! In our workshop we review the importance of a strong developmental foundation in Early Childhood, discuss learning styles, and how we can nurture growth and learning in creative ways. We focus on integrating movement activities into your dayhome program. “Learning through bodies to remember in minds” and “fun on purpose” are key terms examined as we look at the Intellidance® Method, Brain Play™ and BrainDance as resources for a holistic early childhood movement experience.


ADSN will be providing lunch for all attendees from 12PM – 1PM. Please let us know about any dietary restrictions after registering. 



If you don’t have a free ADSN account, we’ll create one for you!

Why do you collect my postal code? We collect postal codes from our registrants to help us track where our participants are located so that we can ensure we are providing adequate supports to those areas.

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